Spellbound Kingdoms (Online)

The Despised One's Hoard

After slaying the Despised One and his beast, the heroes of the Scumfalls discovered a hoard swept under a hollow in the rubble. Some items seem to belong to Locke’s troglodyte tribe (marked T), while others are perhaps leftover from previous visitors to the Despised One’s lair.

922 orbs
600 Marnhite orbs (worth 540 orbs at a money changer)
Miscellaneous coinage from around the Claw 430 orbs (worth 350 orbs at a money changer)
White gold necklace with electrum trefoil design (1000 orbs)
2-foot chimeric ivory statue of troglodyte hands over bubbling pitch pool (1000 orbs) (T)
LIfe-size troglodyte orant, scent-generating (2000 orbs) (T)
Gond-manidok steel visor helmet, interior inscription over eyes reads “Encray, your colony and your mother embrace you in the darkness of love forever” (15 orbs)
3 scarves and 3 matching plumes, all in pastels, embroidered with “Lady Chetwin’s champion” (800 orbs per set at least, as long as plums remain in fashion)
Set of 12 platinum Orynjan bacon forks (350 orbs)
Assorted emeralds, jacinths, and garnets (2400 orbs)
2 matching matchlock muskets carved like belching pythons
St. Wrandt coral blackpowder case (100 orbs)
2 vials of alkahest (Ojistah took this)
3 planters of carmot powder (Ojistah took this)
3 ice roses (Ojistah took this)
1 atomizer of lilac delirium (Ojistah took this)
2 vials of wound paste (Ojistah took this)
2 suits of steel-and-bone lamellar armor
Electrum triptych locket, unfolding, showing a detailed portrait of Count Augrainne on one side gazing across the center of the triptych, a pig on the far side, and in the middle some sort of action scene taking place behind a curtain emblazoned with the heraldry of Augrainne’s House Anfield ()
A deed to the St. Iryale’s Orchard in the Scumfalls, which is actually used as a graveyard (or at least, that’s what you’ve heard) (



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