Spellbound Kingdoms (Online)

The Crow and the Cat

As the party gathered strength in the Gond-Manidok’s underground lair, they decided that the most pressing concern was the source of their strength: namely, their inspirations.

Though they had gained possession of the Palimpsest of Seven Basilisks and its powerful Wolf Prophecy, they had lost much. Somehow, the wizard Aliaya’s familiar – a crow named Yorick – and the rogue McKayla’s pet – a cat named Trace – had both been taken. Scrying and gossip revealed that the pets were probably both being held in the manor home of Sir Anders Tombroth in the Winter Quarter.

“It’s a trap!” was the immediate cry. But the pets were the pets, and some traps are worth the risk.

The party attempted to learn about the manor home before entering, and they were successful in convincing a cadre of off-duty kingsman to lead them to the Tombroth home. Stumbling and falling over a courtyard wall, the kingsmen’s leader led the party straight to the Tombroth manor’s service wing basement door. Amazingly, the guards did not spot the loud and not very stealthy party.

Entering the Tombroth manorhome, Aliaya had a vision of her crow locked in a birdcage in a small room with a large beast slumbering against a door.

The party split up, but was quickly reunited in the main chamber of the Tombroth mansion. The trap was sprung! Two squads of kingsmen, one from below and one from the stairs above, closed on the heroes.

Aliaya threw up a wall of force. It blocked the upper squad of kingsmen, and by good fortune happened to not block the door to the small room where Yorick and Trace were slumbering.

A fierce battle ensued and ended with the Tombroth mansion ablaze, the pets back in the party’s loving embrace, and the heroes stumbling over the courtyard wall, once again very, very lucky not to have been seen by the guards. Sometimes the saints provide shadow to those who need it!



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