Mother Ojistah the Artiste

Princess of Wolves Fixer Level 14


Characteristics (4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8)
• Strength
• Quickness
• Reason 11 (+ 1 at level 4; + 1 at level 8, + 1 at 13)
• Charisma 6

• Magic
• Heart
 9 (7 +1 Human)

Princess of Wolves
Once per scene, a princess of wolves can loan an Inspiration to help another person, be he one of her “pack” or not. The recipient uses the princess’s Inspiration as if it were one of his own. This allows him to roll his Heart die as a bonus die. If the princess’s Inspiration was 2 or higher, and if she narrates her Inspiration’s relevance, then the recipient maxes his current die and the princess’s Heart die, and both dice explode. This counts as the princess’s use of that Inspiration for this scene; she cannot use it again, on herself or another, until the group decides the scene is over. Doing this takes no time in-game; the princess of wolves can use this ability even on another’s turn.

Fixer Ability (L5)
-Lab (Quality: 13)
+ 1 Quality Die by taking over Gon-Manadoc Lab in the Under City

Fix. You can cure any disease, stop any magic or alchemical effect, or neutralize any poison that tar- gets an individual creature. In the case of disease, alchemy, or poison, if your fixer level is greater than the virulence of the disease or the quality of the alchemical item or poison, you are successful. In the case of
a spell, your Reason roll must beat the Magic roll of the spell’s caster. A fix can only be attempted once per week per victim because of the stress involved, and the attempt requires one hour per point of virulence, quality, or caster level. You must have access to your laboratory or a source of fixer’s supplies.

Fraternity. You gain a reputation 8 “One of us” with other fixers, and you can call upon the Fraternity (Scope 15, Force 6, Arcana 6, Shadow 14, Efficiency 8) for one organization action per month.

Add 1 bonus point per Fixer level (+ 9) to 3 Histories that primarily focus on alchemy
Treat any alchemical item you use as being two Quality points higher than it actually is.

Quick Fix
In combat or any other scene, you can attempt a quick fix. This functions as the Fix ability, but it requires a Trick to execute, and it is only successful if your Reason check beats the Doom, virulence, or opposed Magic check, as appropriate. You attempt this only once per condition; if you fail, then the situation is not treatable by your quick fix. If the quick fix is successful, the condition returns after combat (if its duration would normally have it do so). You may attempt a more permanent cure with the Fix ability. You must have a Fixer’s kit on hand.



Inspirations (8: 4, 3, 1)

• A) LOVE-Kahwita, her twin sister (4)
• B) Seeks knowledge (3)
• C) Help the common people (1)

1-(6) In searching for news of her sister, Ojistah has gotten to know the common folk of Oxlana well; after defeating Darren Vedall, Olistah saved his life in front of the common folk.

2-(8) STEALTH Successfully infilitrated the hidden lair of Bishop Hezzakiah Buchad in the Catacombs of St. Iryale’s; Ojistah practices her infiltration skills by sneaking into Tombroth Manor; snuck through the Catacombs of Nadejna; sneaking around a submarine avoiding zombies and a lich

3-(5) explored the territory underneath the city

4-(12) Perception: Upon discovering that the Dryght knows about the “Heroes of Scum Falls” and are actively looking for them, Ojistah has started to become very paranoid! It’s not paranoid if you are attacked by a raptor (in the Tombroth Manor)! Ojistah’s keen senses are further honed by suspicions of a trap on the zeppelin; keeping a lookout for a lich on a submarine; scanned the horizons looking for help or danger while trapped at sea in a pod!

5-(20: 5 + L13 alchemy) used components from the blood drain to create twitcher heads

6-(20: 5 + L13 alchemy ) studied the Gon-Manodock’s interactions and behaviors to gain insight in their culture; Studied the alchemical connections in scent communication between the Trogs & the Gon-Manadok

7-(20: 5 + 13 alchemy) Using Fixer’s glue and her natural genius, Ojistah created a super adhesive to prevent the Cyst from falling into the chasm! Ojistah used her glue skills to create a sticky rope to attach to the zeppelin!

8-(6): Gained insight into the workings of the Dryght after rifling through the files of the Scum Falls Watch Tower

9-(12) OJistah flew a zeppelin! Ojistah flew the Cloud of Four Rains into the Black Cloud of Aveydreen; OJistah flies her compatriots to safetfy from the Sleep Slaughter party on the Cloud of Four Rains; Ojistah flew a balloon pod into the Blood Pyramid!!

10-(6) OJistah’s time at the dream party allowed her to familiarize herself with the nobility and their behaviors; Ojistah’s conversations with Twillingham Anfield has given her a greater understandings of the strange practices of the nobility.

11: (4) Engineering: Do to her recent work with zeppelins and submersibles, Ojistah has begun to tinker with machines.

(4) Destroyer of the Zeppelin (Scum Falls)

Fighting Style: Rat Shank (a) Recurve (a)

Death Study (Minor)
Each round that you remain completely hidden while the target of your study is in combat, you uncover weaknesses in his technique and add +2 damage/round (MAX 6) to your next strike. If you are spotted, your opponent becomes aware of you, you are forced to rebalance, or if you miss with your strike, you lose the bonus damage.

Reasoned Defense (Major)
You can defend against a social attack using your Reason rather than your Charisma. You can do this three times per encounter.

Joy (Major)
Whenever you use a history for which you receive a class bonus, you gain 1 point of Mood. This can occur once per scene. With the major talent, your joy is infectious, and you also grant 1 point of Mood to all allies in the area.

GOLD: 1215
Wealth Level 4 (with gift from Inkray’s mom)
Bonus: Wealth level 4, Wealth 3 from Alchemical table

LOOT Water of Kings Q6-2 uses

LOOT Orichalcum Q6-3 uses
LOOT-Fixer’s Fang Q7 1) wight blood 2) asp venom 3) wight blood

LOOT Alchemical-carmot powder (Q4)
LOOT-alkahest x2 (Q5)

LOOT Alchemical-1 atomizer of lilac delirium (Q7)
LOOT Alchemical-Twitcher Head (exploding zombie head) (Q4)
LOOT Alchemical—wound paste x3 (Q5)

1) roof sword Q5
2) bourgeousie wardrobe Q6
3) Fixer’s Ink Tattoo Q6 (neck, wolf pack, black/white/grey, scent-wolf musk)
4) drakatizon Q7
5) alkahest Q5
-ice rose Q3
-muriatic acid Q5 (created by Ojistah)

L3 (5)
-_Nephew Kit (bonus from Fixer class)
1) witch dust
2) antivenin Q3
3) -stranglesmoke stick
4) -fixer’s gum
5) -asp venom
-wight blood

L2 (5)
1)-alchemist fire
2)-bow (Q4)
3)-throwing knife
4)-spagyric poltice
5)-studded leather Q2 (can be used as Fashion Item with Gon-Manadok)

L1 (5)
1)-Protection Payment: Dryght
2)-Protection Payment: Anfield
3)-Fetcher: Ugri
4)-rope Q6
5)-rented tenement


Ojistah’s Pack
Alpha-Faither—Black Mane
Mother-Bright Eye
Sibling-Wind Runner
Sibling-Ghost Hunter
Sibling-Moon Singer

Icon Image: Niki Zacherle, Eastern WA Representative at Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Washington


Mother Ojistah the Artiste

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