Brandish Ffolwike

Former deckhand on the _Eye of Flung_, a trader on the Sea of Princes


Class and level: Ship’s clerk (Trader 1)
Race: Human (nineblood)

Strength 6
Quickness 6
Reason 4
Charisma 8
Magic 5
Heart 8

Mood 4
Body 5

History d4: Deputy purser on the Eye of Flung, a trader on the Sea of Princes, which traded mostly between the priests of Valte Riel and the Kingdom of Akra

Love, unrequited, for his former Captain, Cpt. Lyman “the Diamond” Eddison, 3
Love for his aging mother Shosanna who sews sails in a bat-sinew hammock in the harbor, 3
Thrilled by the sea 2

Combat style Swashbuckler (neophyte: Stab and Mock, Spectacular Strike)

To the Heart: Once per scene, a social attack can damage Inspiration regardless of the target’s Mood (normally an Inspiration can only be harmed if the target’s Mood is 0).

Exotica: Swims like a Barracuda: Reduce the Doom by 3 for any swim (or swim-related) checks.

WL 2

1: Rented shack in Oxlana, holiday donation to Dryght, holiday donation to House Anfield, protection payment for House Anfield, one open slot
2: rapier (Quality 3), plumed hat (imitation Roc feather, to scale, Quality 4), labor subfusc clothing (Q2), cheap spyglass (Q2), one open slot
3: 2 wound paste ointment jars (Q4), one open slot

Brandish Ffolwike

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