Alyphyr Remonstrance

Nineblood Warrior


Strength: 10 (sixth level added second extra point)
Quickness: 6
Reason: 5
Charisma: 6
Magic: 4
Heart: 10 (8 base plus Human plus story bonus)

Mood: 9
Body: 6

Reputation 4: The destroyers of the Clouds of Lucius zeppelin

Title: Hero, Level 11
Cum Styles: 2m, 1a, 1n
Free Sword (m)
Recurve (M)
City Sword (m)
TBD (n)

Cumulative Class Abilities: Armor, training, combat mastery, war stories.

Warrior Abilities
Armor. You exploit your armor to the fullest. Your armor can absorb 1 Body per quality point, rather than the normal 1 Body per two quality points.

Combat mastery. Any time you hit with a mastery maneuver against someone with fewer
levels than you have martial levels, increase the damage by 2.

Training. At 6th level and again at 16th level, you gain +1 Body.

War stories. Once per scene, you can tell a war story. Instead of using your Charisma to make a social roll, roll your martial level die. Warrior’s life. You gain an extra major talent. Once you become a Living Legend, this extra talent becomes a grand talent. You now have four talents, one more than the normal maximum. As usual for warriors, your extra talent must be

Warrior’s life. You gain an extra major talent. Once you become a Living Legend, this
extra talent becomes a grand talent. You now have four talents, one more than the normal maximum. As usual for warriors, your extra talent must be martial.

Devastation. If your weapon is greater Quality than your opponent’s armor, your mastery
maneuvers cause 3 additional points of damage. This does not stack with Combat Mastery.

Combat supremacy. Any time you hit someone with fewer levels than you, increase the
damage by 1. Mastery maneuvers increase the damage by 4. This does not stack with Combat

Talents. A warrior’s talents are martial. After a warrior becomes a Hero, one of his talents
may be social.

Wealth Level 4 [3 for now]

Warrior: one WL 4 item from weapon or armor table, and one WL 3 item from other table
1215 orbs

WL 6
Full Plate, quality 8

WL 4
Longbow (STR 7, quality 5)
Longsword (Roofsword re-skinned, quality 5)
5 relic arrows imbued with the Breath of St. Nadezhda*
Twitcher Head
Hunting Leathers

WL 3

WL 2

WL 1
Trader mundane wardrobe
Hooded Lantern
Rope & climbing irons

3 vials wight’s blood poison
10 cockatrice feathers
4 basilisk tongues
high-quality lilac delirium (quality 10)
5 relic arrows imbued with the Breath of St. Nadezhda*

History or Skill
Shot Count Augrainne in the buttocks when that worthy attempted to rape her brother Memnestine (6)

Negotiated a collaboration with the Gond-Manidok (8)

Gave a speech to rally the good and common folk (8)

Assaulted a zeppelin (10)

Senses heightened by battle in the city below (6)

Oratory (7)

Waded into battle with against an entire host of foes (8)


Desire to save her wife, Captain Guillifierre of the Sable Guard, from a life sentence (4)

Liberate those under servitude (3)

Wishes to defeat the biggest and burliest men in combat (2)

Desire to taste the finest or most unusual food and drink (1)


Atrocity. (Major) Your violence unnerves even veterans. When you kill an enemy in battle, all remaining opponents in the area take 1 Mood damage (minor); take 1 Mood damage and take a Heart penalty die on their next attack (major); take 1 Mood damage, take a Heart penalty die on all rolls next round, and must make a Heart check against the Doom or rebalance (grand).

Intimidate. (Major) You can roll your Strength instead of Charisma as a social attack die whenever you attempt to intimidate your opponent. You can do this once (minor), twice (major), or an unlimited number (grand) of times per scene.

Steadfast. (Minor) When someone tries to damage your
Mood during combat, you gain a bonus Heart die to
defend, once per scene (minor); three times per scene
(major); or on every attempt (grand).

The Scarrows of the Heart’s Great Welkin (organization)


Alyphyr was born to a lower landowner in TBD; lower in both class and morals, The family sold her as a secret child bride (at the age of eight) into a better-positioned family in TBD/CAMPAIGN SEAT. She quickly learned to forget her old life, and concentrated herself to acquiring the skills of an upwardly-aspiring merchant daughter. Her best friend and confidant from this period was her now-brother Memnestine, a carefree and beautiful youth who was the envy and darling of all who met him but ho had a special bond with his new sister.

The bond was deepened when, one day during the Festival of the Augur Knife, an inebriated Count Augrainne began to take advances on her brother in an increasingly-aggressive fashion, culminating in that worthy pinning her brother to a lawn chair and pulling at his liederhosen. A terrified Alyphyr grabbed her new father’s hunting bow and shot the Count in the rear padding, saving her brother’s honour. Her father, learning of the deed, presented her with the bow, which she treasured forever hence.

Love of a more amorous sort was soon to follow for the now-thirteen year old, who met the local brava Guillifierre at the many cotillions she was required to participate in. Guillifierre was a rake inasmuch as a fourteen-year-old girl can be one, and she left a trail of devastated boys and girls in her wake. But somehow the practical and hardy Alyphyr appealed to the girl, and they quickly proceeded from fast friends to lovers. When Alyphyr’s majority arrived at age 16, Guillifierre’s influential father declared them a match, and the marriage was soon to be celebrated. Guillifierre rose in the ranks of the Sable Guard, whilst Alyphyr managed the household and produced stunning and appropriate social events that were the great ticket in that provincial town. On the side, Guillifierre trained her young wife in the use of the sword and bow; her early experience had proven to Alyphyr the importance of martial strength.

All would have been well, but the impetuous Guillifierre ran afoul of the local gentry, who conspired to have her accused of heresy. In a dramatic scene, the brava (realizing there was no escape, and desperate to protect her young wife) actually took her sword and stabbed Alyphyr in the arm, who then fell three storeys into a moat, barely surviving. Guillifierre was dragged to jail, and the disgraced Alyphyr fled to the city’s underbelly to recover and recoup.

Alyphyr has been growing in strength, waiting for the moment when she can brave the dungeons to rescue her love. In the meantime, she works as she can in the interest of those who are pinned down by social mores, as she was when she had any position to speak of.

Alyphyr Remonstrance

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